Beach Energy (Beach) supplies natural gas for the ongoing needs of Victorian homes, business and industry, through production at the Otway Gas Plant near Port Campbell and the Lang Lang Gas Plant,
80kms south-east of Melbourne CBD.

Beach successfully drilled one exploration well and six production wells in the Otway Basin offshore Commonwealth permits over the past four years. Four production wells have been connected and are now producing gas for the east coast market, with two remaining wells still to be connected.

Beach is continuing its commitment to supply natural gas to the east coast domestic market and has commenced planning for the Offshore Gas Victoria (OGV) Project to deliver the next phases of exploration and development.

The OGV Project is planning activities across several phases and remains subject to a final investment decision. As planning progresses, project timings and final scope will be confirmed and updated in our communications.

Environment protection regulations

The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA), regulates activities in accordance with the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations (2009) (Environment Regulations). The OGV Project will require Environment Plans to be accepted by NOPSEMA before commencement of activities.

Environment Plans must include a description of the existing environment and the proposed activities, an evaluation of the impacts and risks, environmental performance outcomes and controls, implementation strategy, and reporting requirements. They must also demonstrate that consultations with persons or organisations whose functions, interests and activities may be affected by the activities in the Environment Plan (“relevant persons”), have been carried out in accordance with the regulations.

For successful gas discoveries that will proceed to development, an Offshore Project Proposal (OPP) will be required and will undergo a public consultation phase. Once an OPP is accepted, further Environment Plans will be required for construction activities and commissioning the new wells.

Location maps

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